Sadolin Woodfiller

Sadolin Woodfiller has excellent adhesion and is ideal for small repairs and minor surface defects. Read More
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Light Oak

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Product Description

Sadolin Woodfiller has excellent adhesion and is ideal for small repairs and minor surface defects.

Product Features

Type Filler
Suitable For Interior and exterior woodwork - doors, furniture, trim, sheds
Water Or Solvent Based Solvent
Key Features Excellent adhesion
Application Methods Filling knife
Thinning White Spirit
Touch Dry 30 minutes
Recoat Time 1 hour
Cleanup Brush cleaner or white spirit

Why Sadolin

Delve into the story of what makes Sadolin the number one UK brand for wood protection, care and treatment.

Superior Colour Retention

Exposure to sunlight and the weather causes conventional woodstains to fade over time. Sadolin products use specially selected light-filtering pigments to promote longer-lasting colours.

Easy Maintenance

The longer wood is exposed to the elements, the greater the risk of conventional woodstains blistering and peeling. Applying a new coat will require extensive sanding and preparation if wood is weathered. Because Sadolin products are specially developed to weather naturally, applying a fresh coat requires only minimal preparation, reducing time, expense and labour.

Breathable Microporosity

Some woodstains are waterproof – but they can also prevent natural moisture in the wood from passing through. This can make wood swell up, breaking the bond between the coating and the wood. Sadolin exterior products are designed to form a Microporous ‘jacket,’ which is both waterproof and allows the wood to breathe naturally. The benefit is greater, longer lasting protection for your wood.

Heritage and innovation came together, and a hundred years later these two driving forces continue to underpin the Sadolin brand as it is known today.