Different types of PPE

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential in various industries to protect individuals from occupational hazards. Here are some common types of PPE:

  • Eye and Face Protection: Safety glasses, goggles, and face shields shield the eyes and face from chemical splashes, flying debris, and harmful radiation, commonly used in laboratories and construction.
  • Respiratory Protection: Respirators, including dust masks and full-face respirators, filter out harmful particles and chemicals, ensuring clean air in environments with dust, fumes, or hazardous gases.
  • Body Protection: Overalls, aprons, and coveralls provide protection against various hazards such as chemical splashes, high temperatures, and contamination, especially in laboratories and healthcare settings.
  • Hand Protection: Gloves are essential for safeguarding the hands from cuts, burns, chemical exposure, and other risks in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and construction.

Selecting the right PPE depends on the specific hazards in a given workplace. Employers must provide appropriate PPE, train employees on its use, and ensure that it meets safety standards to protect the well-being of workers.