As part of our wider waste management and environmental policy, we currently recycle as much waste as we can at each of our branches.

This normally includes:

Paper & Cardboard
Wood (Pallets which are returned to suppliers or passed on for reuse or recycling)
These materials are separated into their various waste streams and are passed on to third parties for recycling accordingly.

General Waste

Like any business, we generate a percentage of waste that is not suitable for recycling and this is collected and disposed of in line with the local area’s waste disposal policy.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and we are always looking for initiatives, partners and products that can support this.

We recycle our electrical items and consumables generated within the branches where possible, such as fluorescent light bulbs, printer cartridges as well as donating our damaged stock or miss tinted items to charitable organisations for reuse in the community.

Paint Can Recycling

Rabart have recycling arrangements in place that allow trade customers to return a high volume of containers from the site for recycling. We are constantly liaising with our suppliers and our customers to make improvements to this service wherever possible and we will continue to focus on this as a priority.